South Africa like most parts of the world permits gambling activities and you will find a wide range of land-based casinos to play your favourite games at. However, unlike in most countries, online casinos are not allowed to operate legally in South Africa. Although online gambling is restricted, players can still play their favourite casinos at some online casinos which allows South African players to register. It does not stop there as there has not been any record of players being charged with crimes of playing at an online casino. For this reason, only online casinos are restricted from being licensed in the country but players are not stopped from playing their favourite casino games online and enjoying the benefits that come with online casinos. Go to the onlinecasino-za site to get more information on online casinos and gambling.


All About Gambling Laws and Casinos

In South Africa, even though gambling activities are legal, online casinos and online gambling are restricted. For this reason, you will not find any online casinos operating in the country. However, players still have the chance to play their favourite casino games online as there are several online casinos that players in South Africa can play casino games. It does not even stop there as some were exclusively created for players in South Africa. So, if you will like to play at an online casino, it is advised that you go for online casinos that are created exclusively for players in South Africa for a better gaming experience. You can go to the aliceindataland site to find out more about playing at online casinos. Below you will find a list of online casinos you can give a try.

  • Dunder
  • 888 Casino
  • Ritz Casino
  • Springbok Casino

Historically, gambling has always been a part of South Africa but centuries ago, gambling activities were restricted in the entire country. However, that did not stop players from gambling. Even with the restrictions, there were many casinos and people were gambling in groups especially in areas that were referred to as Homelands. After a long time of hidden gambling activities, in 1994, the Government created the 1994 Gambling Act which saw the re-introduction of gambling in the country. However, before the act was enacted, there were already over 2000 casinos running in South Africa which were later subjected to closing. In 2005, another Gambling Act was presented and inside, online casinos were prohibited in the country. As a result, only casinos with a proper license have the chance to operate in South Africa and online casinos aren't licensed.

The embargo was said to be as a result of the economical gain land-based casinos provide to the country. To cub any form of competition between online casinos and actual casinos, the Government decided to ban all online casinos from operating in the country. Today, there are a lot of casinos in the country and they are known to have lots of players visit them. But, that has not stopped players from also playing their favourite casino games at online casinos. Due to the fact that there is a lot of benefits that players enjoy when they choose to play at an online casino. Additionally, players are given the freedom to play as many games as possible when they play online. Also, to become a member can be done with ease as long as you choose to play at a proper online casino.

Online casinos come with more benefits than the risk. In most cases, the risk of playing is down to the illegal online casinos who are looking to scam players of their money and information. As long as you can filter through the bad casinos through the use of some expert techniques. These techniques include reading through other player reviews of the casino, confirming the casino's license, ensuring that the games offered are from top online casino game providers, and so on. Once you are able to take your time to vet the online casino you want to join, you will not have a problem. In addition to that, it is advised that you look through the casino's terms and conditions for a better gaming experience. On a final note, you can play your favourite casino games online in South Africa without stress.