Why Men Should Consider Waxing Hair Removal

It’s time for summer somewhere, and that means a lot of things. It’s time to protect yourself from the heat and the sun by applying sunscreen. It’s time to make use of the great weather to get out and get some exercise. And perhaps most importantly, it’s time to glisten up your pectorals and get ready to head to the beach.

Most people who produce enough testosterone to worry about “glistening” have to deal with body hair. However, many people produce body hair and never consider doing anything about it. Some want it gone, and choose to shave or use hair removal cream. Some cities are notorious for waxing, and male waxing in San Diego is not exceptions. Regardless of the time of year, there is always sunshine to show off that hard earned summer body.

If that describes you, you should consider waxing. Whether you have a lot of body hair or your body hair is sparse, waxing can likely help you get smoother skin. And if you’ve never considered getting rid of your body hair, there are several reasons why you should!

Why Get Rid Of Body Hair?

Some people have a lot of body hair and are okay with it. If that’s you, great! But there are still some good reasons to wax, even if only sometimes.

First and foremost, body hair can capture sweat and dirt. While it’s true that most people shower after a hard day’s work, staying smooth skinned can help protect you that much more. No worries about grime and disease getting into a cut due to sticking to your body hair when you have no body hair.

In addition, society often acts as if some people have a responsibility to get rid of body hair. Yet anyone who’s had to get rid of body hair on a regular basis can point out how obnoxious it can be. If you’ve never considered what it might be like to get rid of your body hair regularly, you might consider trying it. You’ll be surprised what you learn!

Why Is Waxing Best For Body Hair Removal?

That said, people of all genders want to get rid of body hair. For those who present traditionally masculine, waxing can do quite a bit of good.

First, it helps avoid razor burn. People don’t always like to admit it, but skin can be incredibly sensitive. If you’ve tried to shave your chest and got razor bumps, then you might be put off on the whole body hair removal idea. Waxing can sting a bit, but it can take out body hair in one quick tug. This avoids skin irritation.

Secondly, it’s quick and long-lasting. Waxing isn’t a very long process, especially if you get it done professionally. And unlike shaving, which often lasts only a few days at best, waxing can last for several weeks.

You may not want to remove your body hair all the time, but for the right situation, it can be worthwhile. And when you do, waxing is the way to go. It helps avoid skin irritation, it’s more hygienic, and it lasts longer than the other options. It may not be the cheapest, but it’s absolutely the best way to remove body hair.

5 Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions

The 21st century has been noted as the era of technological advancement; however, it is also the era of aesthetic improvement with regards to physical beauty. By this we are referring to the increase in plastic surgery and external, artificial items as a means of increasing the level of attractiveness in humans. In previous years, the most popular means of enhancing one’s attractiveness around the eye area was through the use of eye make-up and mascara. In the early 1900s, the false eyelash was developed as an option for enhancing eyelashes; however, it is now that the eyelash extension has been created and gained popularity. This article will provide the top five facts about the eyelash extension and how it is used with the help of El Cajon based day spa Waxing and Skincare by Celeste.


What Is The Eyelash Extension?

The average individual who has not researched eyelash extensions may think the eyelash extension is the same as the false eyelash; however, this is not true. While there is a degree of similarity between the two mechanisms, the false eyelash involves a reproduction of all the eyelashes using a glue to secure the false eyelash to the bottom of the real eyelashes. The eyelash extension includes a series of individual eyelashes attached to the current eyelashes to elongate or extend the length. Unlike the false eyelash set, the extensions cannot be removed easily and will last for approximately four weeks.

What Facts Must Be Known About Eyelash Extensions?

1. The Weight

Unlike false eyelashes, the eyelash extensions are virtually weightless. This is due to the fact that each eyelash is individual and not part of a full set making them similar to real eyelashes. The weightlessness of the eyelash extensions is highly beneficial in that it removes any chance of the eyelid feeling heavy or tired.

2. The Material Used

It is important to know what the eyelash extension is made from before placing them on the eyelash. The substance used to place the extension is glue, but what material is the extension created from? The majority of eyelash extensions are created using organic human hair but these can be expensive to purchase; therefore, the synthetic fiber options are typically more popular. Eyelash extensions are also available in manmade fiber and mink hair materials. The most popular today are mink lashes due to their availability, pricing, and durability.

3. Placement Techniques

It is highly recommended that the eyelash extensions be attached by a trained professional as they can be difficult to place independently. A skilled beautician will examine your eyelashes carefully and select the extensions most likely to provide a stable placement. Each of the extensions is attached using specially created glue and each eyelash will require approximately 60-100 eyelash extensions to create an authentic effect.

beautiful-lashe-extensions4. The Maintenance Routine

Maintenance of the eyelash extensions is relatively simple but it is highly important that it is followed to the tee if you wish the extensions to remain intact. It is essential that no water contact is made in the first 24 hours after placement as the glue needs to bond adequately. After this, the only concern is the use of oil based make-up or make-up removers as the oil may weaken the special glue.

5. Renewal Of Eyelash Extensions

Typically, the eyelash extensions will last as long as the real eyelash is attached to the eyelid. Of course, the appearance will not remain without maintenance and it is recommended that you perform a touch up every four days.