Male Hair Removal: Why More Men Are Waxing Than Ever Before

men hair removal

While women have been removing body hair for generations, the trend for guys to remove more than just their facial hair is relatively new. While there are many methods available today, including at-home and salon treatments, an increasing number of men have discovered the benefits associated with waxing.

Men tend to have hairier bodies than women, except perhaps in the genital region. When this hair is removed on women it is known as a Brozilian hair wax, while “Brozilian” is the usual term for male genital hair removal. In addition to this treatment, men often go in to the salon to have hair removed from other parts of their body. This can be done in conjunction with a Brozilian, but you have complete freedom when choosing the treatment areas.

If you are leery of having the treatment done because you think only gay men or certain athletes use hair removal products and services, fear not. While this might have been true in the past, it is not today. Straight men and those who never enter a gym are just as likely to enjoy the smooth look and feel that accompanies their bare skin.

Men who have a lot of hair on the back, chest and shoulders can have some or all of it removed. Not only do their partners, or prospective partners, find it more attractive, it allows for closer, more intimate skin contact for both parties. If you are uncomfortable going to pool parties or similar gatherings because you are tired of jokes about excessive body hair, regular waxing can help.

A full Brozilian includes includes hair removal from the entire genital region, including the buttocks. Many men opt to leave the hair just below their bellies while having the rest removed. Some guys start with a small service area and add to it as they get more comfortable with the process. Figure out what works best for you.

You can do some things to minimize your discomfort and increase the effectiveness of your wax session, no matter which body parts are being treated. Avoid stress before the appointment because the associated chemical cocktail released by your body can heighten pain sensitivity. Consider masturbating beforehand if you are worried about getting an erection during the appointment.

In the week leading up to the appointment you should cleanse and exfoliate the treatment area daily. Doing so will help to remove dead skin and reveal tiny fuzzy hairs that might not otherwise be removed. Follow up with a high-quality moisturizer. Don’t shave to ensure that the hairs are long enough to wax correctly.

Stay out of the sun and avoid sweaty activities for the first day or two after waxing. Wear loose cotton clothes and avoid touching the skin excessively. Return to your cleansing and exfoliating routine to keep your skin smooth and minimize the chance of ingrown hairs.

Whether your spouse asked you to get a Brozilian or you just want some eyebrow shaping, make an appointment with a well-reputed aesthetician by booking to our website Remember these tips to ensure that you have a positive experience with this growing trend!

How To Become A Microblading Artist

Microblading refers to the manual method of using a sharp tool to implant pigments in the skin in hair-like strokes to achieve the look of fuller brows. Traditional eyebrow tattoos saturate the entire brow with ink, but microblading involves the use of hair-like strokes to carve pigments in crisp, hair-like strokes into the skin. The results are fuller and natural looking brows that last for a long time.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, which means that to become a microblading artist, you will need to study permanent makeup first. Here are the 5 steps involved in becoming a permanent makeup/microblading artist:

1. Obtaining Bloodborne Pathogen Training

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), workers that will be exposed to blood on the job are required to undergo safety training. The training program teaches the proper techniques for safely handling infectious materials and covers waste-disposal and hand-washing techniques.

State licensing boards often requires workers who apply for licensure as microblading artists to first complete the bloodborne pathogen training. Besides training, some states require microblading artists to first submit 2 tests for hepatitis along with other communicable diseases.

2. Completing an Apprenticeship or Training Program

Microblading artists may complete their training either through an apprenticeship program or a course. Tattoo artists in some states are required to first complete an apprenticeship before qualifying for licensure, while other states consider it sufficient to have completed a training program.

The length of the training program may vary between 6 months and 300 hours. Apprenticeships provide students with practical experience under the supervision of a licensed permanent makeup artists. You may be required by some state licensing boards to provide proof of practical experience besides the completion of a training course.

3. Obtaining First Aid and Safety Training

Microblading artists may also be required to compete safety and first aid training, such as CPR before qualifying for a state license. Classes are usually found through medical centers, community colleges, universities, and the American Red Cross. The classes teach students how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and prevents and responds to first aid emergencies.

4. Applying for State Licensure

Individuals that meet the state requirements for a microblading artists are required to submit an application to the state licensing board. Candidates for licensure may need to pass an examination that includes a practical demonstration of skills. The exam is also used for testing the candidate’s knowledge of the safety and sanitation techniques as well as the state’s rules and regulations for tattoo artists.

5. Pursuing Certification

A voluntary examination is administered by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals for the people looking to become certified microblading artists. The Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional exam can be taken by the active members of the permanent makeup community once they have completed at least 1,000 hours of permanent cosmetics study as well as the pathogen standard class.

The Bottom Line

Microblading is an amazing career and a great opportunity for those looking for success, but it does not mean that it is quick path to wealth. The pay is definitely great, but you don’t want to be an untrained microblading artist looking for easy money only to find yourself out of business after being in operation for just 2 months. One thing to consider when becoming a microblading artist is to buy the best available supplies like to ensure only top quality work. The best approach would be to follow the 5 steps discussed here.

Why Men Should Consider Waxing Hair Removal

It’s time for summer somewhere, and that means a lot of things. It’s time to protect yourself from the heat and the sun by applying sunscreen. It’s time to make use of the great weather to get out and get some exercise. And perhaps most importantly, it’s time to glisten up your pectorals and get ready to head to the beach.

Most people who produce enough testosterone to worry about “glistening” have to deal with body hair. However, many people produce body hair and never consider doing anything about it. Some want it gone, and choose to shave or use hair removal cream. Some cities are notorious for waxing, and male waxing in San Diego is not exceptions. Regardless of the time of year, there is always sunshine to show off that hard earned summer body.

If that describes you, you should consider waxing. Whether you have a lot of body hair or your body hair is sparse, waxing can likely help you get smoother skin. And if you’ve never considered getting rid of your body hair, there are several reasons why you should!

Why Get Rid Of Body Hair?

Some people have a lot of body hair and are okay with it. If that’s you, great! But there are still some good reasons to wax, even if only sometimes.

First and foremost, body hair can capture sweat and dirt. While it’s true that most people shower after a hard day’s work, staying smooth skinned can help protect you that much more. No worries about grime and disease getting into a cut due to sticking to your body hair when you have no body hair.

In addition, society often acts as if some people have a responsibility to get rid of body hair. Yet anyone who’s had to get rid of body hair on a regular basis can point out how obnoxious it can be. If you’ve never considered what it might be like to get rid of your body hair regularly, you might consider trying it. You’ll be surprised what you learn!

Why Is Waxing Best For Body Hair Removal?

That said, people of all genders want to get rid of body hair. For those who present traditionally masculine, waxing can do quite a bit of good.

First, it helps avoid razor burn. People don’t always like to admit it, but skin can be incredibly sensitive. If you’ve tried to shave your chest and got razor bumps, then you might be put off on the whole body hair removal idea. Waxing can sting a bit, but it can take out body hair in one quick tug. This avoids skin irritation.

Secondly, it’s quick and long-lasting. Waxing isn’t a very long process, especially if you get it done professionally. And unlike shaving, which often lasts only a few days at best, waxing can last for several weeks.

You may not want to remove your body hair all the time, but for the right situation, it can be worthwhile. And when you do, waxing is the way to go. It helps avoid skin irritation, it’s more hygienic, and it lasts longer than the other options. It may not be the cheapest, but it’s absolutely the best way to remove body hair.

Is Eyebrow Microblading Worth It?

How much time do you spend every morning putting on your makeup? Today we have Chelsey L., owner of POSH Microblading in Arizona to help us answer your questions. More than likely you have spent a considerable amount of the time on your eyebrows over the years. After all, it tends to be one of the first things that people notice when they see us and we want to make sure that they look just right. That is why many people have considered more a permanent solution, such as eyebrow tattooing. The problem is, along with the convenience of being permanent is the possibility of a number of problems. Microblading offers you an option that is the best of both worlds.

With the process of Microblading, you are implanting pigment into the area of the eyebrows but it is not solid, as is tattooing. Rather, it is done in shorter strokes that are similar to hair. This is not only a new trend; it is something that can really make a difference in the way that you look. In fact, after you have it completed, you may never go back to doing your eyebrows in the same way again. That still leaves people wondering; is it really worth it? The following benefits will show you that it truly is the only way to go.

1. Time. When it comes to the benefits of Microblading, you really need to give some attention to the time that it saves. It can be difficult to get up in the morning and to put on your makeup before heading out to take care of the day. It can even leave you a little bit worn out before you ever get started. After you have your eyebrows done, you won’t have to worry about doing them again.

2. Smudge free. It isn’t only first thing in the morning that we have to worry about our makeup; we have to continue to worry about it throughout the day. That is especially true if you live an active lifestyle or if you exercise regularly. Since Microblading puts the pigment under the skin within the top three layers, you don’t have to worry about it smearing or smudging. Rather than having to touch up your makeup multiple times during the day, you can simply keep going.

3. Color. Tattooing can sometimes change colors but that is not the case with Microblading. Over the course of time, it may lose some of its saturation so you may need to continue to have treatments after 12 or 18 months. With a tattoo, however, you may be sorry when the color starts to fade.

4. Painless. The sessions that are necessary to have Microblading completed are relatively painless. There will be a numbing cream that is used to help make it pain-free. You may experience an unusual sensation as it is being completed, but pain will not be a part of it.

5. Easy. Would you like to have your eyebrows ready for the next three years and it only take you an hour and a half in the process? That is what this process does for you. It takes no time at all to complete and then you have your eyebrows ready for the next few years.

6. Safe. When you use somebody that is professional and experienced, it is a minimally invasive procedure that is quite safe. In fact, you can go about your day once the process is finished.

As you can tell, Microblading is not only a good idea, it is a great idea! It is completely worth having done and in fact, once you do have it done, you may wonder what took you so long to do it in the first place. Any how looking looking for microblading services in the Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona area check out Chelsey’s studio by visiting her website at for more details

5 Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions

The 21st century has been noted as the era of technological advancement; however, it is also the era of aesthetic improvement with regards to physical beauty. By this we are referring to the increase in plastic surgery and external, artificial items as a means of increasing the level of attractiveness in humans. In previous years, the most popular means of enhancing one’s attractiveness around the eye area was through the use of eye make-up and mascara. In the early 1900s, the false eyelash was developed as an option for enhancing eyelashes; however, it is now that the eyelash extension has been created and gained popularity. This article will provide the top five facts about the eyelash extension and how it is used with the help of El Cajon based day spa Waxing and Skincare by Celeste.


What Is The Eyelash Extension?

The average individual who has not researched eyelash extensions may think the eyelash extension is the same as the false eyelash; however, this is not true. While there is a degree of similarity between the two mechanisms, the false eyelash involves a reproduction of all the eyelashes using a glue to secure the false eyelash to the bottom of the real eyelashes. The eyelash extension includes a series of individual eyelashes attached to the current eyelashes to elongate or extend the length. Unlike the false eyelash set, the extensions cannot be removed easily and will last for approximately four weeks.

What Facts Must Be Known About Eyelash Extensions?

1. The Weight

Unlike false eyelashes, the eyelash extensions are virtually weightless. This is due to the fact that each eyelash is individual and not part of a full set making them similar to real eyelashes. The weightlessness of the eyelash extensions is highly beneficial in that it removes any chance of the eyelid feeling heavy or tired.

2. The Material Used

It is important to know what the eyelash extension is made from before placing them on the eyelash. The substance used to place the extension is glue, but what material is the extension created from? The majority of eyelash extensions are created using organic human hair but these can be expensive to purchase; therefore, the synthetic fiber options are typically more popular. Eyelash extensions are also available in manmade fiber and mink hair materials. The most popular today are mink lashes due to their availability, pricing, and durability.

3. Placement Techniques

It is highly recommended that the eyelash extensions be attached by a trained professional as they can be difficult to place independently. A skilled beautician will examine your eyelashes carefully and select the extensions most likely to provide a stable placement. Each of the extensions is attached using specially created glue and each eyelash will require approximately 60-100 eyelash extensions to create an authentic effect.

beautiful-lashe-extensions4. The Maintenance Routine

Maintenance of the eyelash extensions is relatively simple but it is highly important that it is followed to the tee if you wish the extensions to remain intact. It is essential that no water contact is made in the first 24 hours after placement as the glue needs to bond adequately. After this, the only concern is the use of oil based make-up or make-up removers as the oil may weaken the special glue.

5. Renewal Of Eyelash Extensions

Typically, the eyelash extensions will last as long as the real eyelash is attached to the eyelid. Of course, the appearance will not remain without maintenance and it is recommended that you perform a touch up every four days.

Finding A New Hairstylist – What To Look For

salon with a women getting a hair cut

Many women who are looking for a good hair stylist services can be confused when it comes to picking a hair stylist. Every woman wishes to get a hair professional who will provide outstanding services, trusted and who creates lovely hairstyles. How can you get one? Sometimes we choose some hair stylists only to fall victims of bad hair cuts and styles. This is the worst experience every woman will not want to experience. Now, don’t fall a victim of unqualified hair stylists, this article will give you a highlight of the tips to consider when finding a good hair stylist.

Ask for referrals
You may have seen your friend with a lovely hairstyle. In your feelings, you get obsessed with that hair style. It’s not just your friends, you can ask strangers to gather the important information about the stylist. At some point, you will get to know the best service providers in your area. It is good to judge someone for the work he/she does. Many people prefer choosing a good hair stylist near you who is well known in the area. If you happen to visit the salon, make sure that you mention the person who referred you. Sometimes they give discounts for every referral.

Shop in a variety of salons
This is not a one-day event. If you have been looking for a perfect match, then you should be proactive enough. Feel free to visit as many beauty shops and salons to gather important information. These include prices, services, and their hairdressers. It is easy to read the personalities of the stylists and the atmosphere in the salon. Because you are looking for your perfect hair match, check their hair styles. It should be stylish, well groomed and an excellent color. A good way to find that perfect stylist is to read some online reviews on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. This will help you rate their services.

hair styling on a women

Request for consultation
At the end of your search, you will come up with a short list of your preferred stylists. You can plan for consultation from a variety of stylists in your area. This is the ideal moment for you to understand your stylist better. Feel free to ask any question about their services and rates. Other issues include the products and equipment. This helps in building trust with your stylist.

Build a good rapport
It is good to establish a friendship with your stylist. This helps you in understanding the personality of the hairdresser. Building a good rapport opens up more doors for better services. A good stylist will always give a recommendation about the best haircuts and styles. Again, they will check the photos you give them and ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. They work towards building an everlasting impression in their customers. Look for a stylist who is dedicated to giving the best customer service to all their clients.